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Strategy, PR

200+ of news items

47/50 US States targetted

The challenge

Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee was an incredible opportunity for the London Eye. Coming out the pandemic, the *ahem* eyes of the world were on London.

Our challenge was to cut through the noise and capture attention – not just in the UK but across the world – and reinforce the Eye as one of London’s iconic attractions. We were to drive ticket sales and establish the Eye as one of the key elements of the celebration in the capital.

The solution

There’s an old saying: “when in doubt, go to the pub”. Okay, maybe that’s just us. But going to the pub is exactly what we did. We created ‘The Queen’s Head Pub Pod’, a classic British pub decked out in 1950s style, the era when the Queen took to the throne.

Our nostalgic Coronation Day style featured bunting, plush vintage furnishings, and Royal mementos that charted the Queen’s ascension and reign. We even enlisted the help of former royal butler, Grant Harold, who gave the pod pub authenticity and charm as he regaled media visitors with his extensive insider knowledge of the royal family.

The outcome

The pod’s launch was a tremendous success, attracting hundreds of pieces of coverage for the London Eye from the likes of Reuters, AP, Mail Online, Evening Standard, BBC London and Buzzfeed, plus a US broadcast segment seen in 47 out of 50 States thanks to ABC’s Good Morning America.

92% of the overall coverage landed with international outlets spanning the USA, Germany, Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, France, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands and Italy.




The London Eye Jubilee Pod

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