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Redefining a world of luxury

Redefining Beverly Hills-style luxury






Strategy, PR

44M impressions

60M+ engagements

The challenge

What is luxury? A fleet of fast cars? A mountain of designer clothes? 

For younger generations, luxury has changed. No longer focused purely on the material, Millennials and Gen Z view health, sustainability and quality time with loved ones as luxurious experiences. 

For 150 years, Beverly Hills has been synonymous with luxury. We were tasked with extending that legacy by promoting Beverly Hills as a relevant and contemporary destination for a new generation.

The solution

We identified four pillars that would appeal to a younger, well-travelled and health-conscious global audience: shopping, food and drink, art and culture, and wellness.  

Beverly Hill’s reputation for shopping and wellness already attracts visitors. We wanted to continue promoting these aspects of the city while highlighting its lesser-known eclectic food and drink, and art and culture scenes.

To reach an expanded network of target audience groups, we launched The Far From Ordinary Content Collective, a group of four creators tasked with showcasing the destination with their unique takes on Beverly Hills. We encouraged creators to stay true to their creative styles, allowing them to produce content that resonated with the audiences they had already nurtured.

The outcome

Covetable content was posted on each of the four creators’ channels, as well as on the Beverly Hills-owned channel, reaching an audience of 2M followers.

The creators’ content helped to reposition Beverly Hills as a more inclusive and culturally enriching destination, rather than a place of excessive consumerism.

A combined 44M impressions and 60M+ engagements resulted in a total of $1.7M in earned media value (EMV).